st alban

This is my home page and really serves to direct you to the purpose of the blog and its various pages and sections to help guide you.

The purpose of the blog is to talk about St Albans the place, which is a beautiful part of England, in the wonderful county of Hertfordshire, where many great Englishmen and Women were born.

I have a written an interesting section on the history of St Albans, which although brief, still gives you a good insight into how St Albans came about. It takes you from the very beginning in 20 AD through to the modern day.

I will also talk more about the area and things to do and services and hopefully turn the blog into an interesting read and also useful.

A good site about St Albans is www.enjoystalbans.com.

Enjoy the site, it is all about St Albans and includes services and things to do and it’s wonderful history.




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